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Satisfying Games - Online Gaming Website

Satisfying Games is a free online gaming website, our motto is to provide our users with an ultimate gaming experience, with fresh new games available Everyday.
Satisfying games brings our users with an additional listing for game play as ASMR Games.
Asmr is a concept available only to videos until now. We would like to bring a about a change in gaming experience by presenting games that are fun as well as satisfying to play.
ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response, meaning a pleasant tingling feeling a person experience when they hear different distinctive sounds or simple soothing sounds like scratching/tapping & brushing/whispering etc.
In a way bestowing a Euphoric tingling sensation, starting from back of head to spine followed by limb relaxing and giving a feeling of well being.

Satisfying games have 2 UNIQUE categories:

1. Satisfying Games: This will include games that are considered satisfying as per our knowledge and resources available.

2. ASMR Games: This will include games that are considered ASMR by our panel and having sound variation in respect to other general games.


It is the Free Online Gaming Platform for Everyone which allows anyone to play Unlimited Games online for free and for the Infinity time Period.

To save your game progress and keep tabs of your already played/favourite games.

In order to receive updates on Latest games Arrived and Updates for policies and terms & conditions.

Not really, but in order to keep children’s from harm from unrestricted access to our content we expect them to be atleast 13+.

No, its completely free to play games on our website. If you like our website you can always support us on our Donate page.

Asmr stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", triggered by certain sounds and visuals that are considered soothing and somewhat satisfying.