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SatisfyingGames, takes your privacy seriously. We store your data safely and handle it according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Customers of SatisfyingGames and the services, products and applications offered by Satisfying Games.

By accepting the terms of this privacy policy, the user consents to the automatic processing of the personal data provided, with the purposes herein specified.

1. Personal data: We ask you to provide the following information when you register on our website and order the services we provide: your full name, email address, phone number, billing address.

2. Information we collect: In situations, when required by the laws and regulations of certain jurisdictions, SatisfyingGames has the right to request the user’s personal data in order to verify their identity. We use cookies for more convenient interaction with our site, our services and for displaying personalized advertising (retargeting). You can find more information in our Cookie policy.

3. Purposes of data processing: Personal data is collected and stored for the following purposes: to manage your personal account; to provide and manage the services that you have ordered; to process the payments and accounting related to your personal account; to inform you on the service updates, news and changes. In order for us to comply with the regulatory requirements set by the telecommunications industry, personal information is required for you to order and use our products and services.

4. Information provided by the user: You take the full responsibility for the information and documents that you provide us. We reserve the right to terminate all of our services if the information you have provided is false, untruthful, includes stolen personal details, data or documents.

5. Third Parties: Once you choose to provide personally identifiable information, it will only be used in the context of your customer relationship with SatisfyingGames. We will not share, sell, rent or lease your personal data to any third party. Your personal information may be used by the products and service related suppliers that we work with in certain countries, if this is required by the particular country’s laws and regulations. Upon the appropriate request of a government agency, law enforcement agency, court or as otherwise required by law, SatisfyingGames may disclose your personal data and SatisfyingGames personal profile related information. We would ask you not to use our services, if you are against such usage of your personal information.

6. User rights: You can view and edit your personal information in the SatisfyingGames personal account yourself. In accordance with the General Data Protection and Regulation Act (GDPR) you have the right to withdraw your consent in relation to the processing of your personal data and exercise your right of Access, Rectification, Erasure, Restriction, Objection and Data Portability. Please note, if you choose to delete your personal data, your actions may prevent us from supplying you with our products and services. For any questions related to this Privacy Policy, please contact

7. Security: We guarantee that all of your personal data is securely collected and stored. We fulfill all of the technical requirements and conduct the necessary security checks to avoid any loss, misuse, alteration and unauthorized access to the personal information by any third party.