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Something Awful Founder 'Lowtax' Committed Suicide At 45

One of the more persuasive figures of the turn-of-the-millennium web has died on November 9. As indicated by Kotaku, previous Something Awful forum mediator Fragmaster has uncovered that site organizer Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka has passed on at 45. Fragmaster didn't ask for subtleties encompassing the demise, yet Kyanka's subsequent spouse later said the creator committed suicide.                                          

"Lowtax" dispatched Something Awful in 1999. It's a blend of blog entries (counting satire and reviews), however it's most popular for forums that outsizedly affected web culture. It brought forth notable minutes like the Zero Wing "all your base" meme and Slender Man, and played a significant part in EVE Online's development (SA's armada, Goonsquad, has taken an interest in characterizing battles). It even by implication encouraged 4chan Chris "Moot" Poole stopped 4chan on SA and was immersed with catl photographs, including the legendary "I can haz cheezburger."

Kyanka's last years were problematic. He was blamed for abusive behavior at home in 2020, and sold the site to executive Jeffrey of YOSPOS in October that year. Jeffrey would proceed to prohibit Kyanka from his own site in March 2021. In any case, there's little uncertainty that Kyanka's most popular task had a critical impact that will keep going for quite a long time in the future.


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